Friday, April 22, 2011

Christian Graffiti and Why I Go to Church 4/20/2011

Christian Graffiti:

Tonight a student asked a question about something that was drawn on the bathroom wall at school.  Someone else had drawn a picture of Jesus on the cross with the caption, “He died for you.”  She asked if that was a sin or not.  So the ultimate question is when is it ok to break the law in order to follow Christ?  God has called us to preach the gospel to everyone we come in contact with (Mt 28:19; Mk 16:15-16)  I’m guessing that was the student’s motive in drawing the picture.  However, we are also called to obey the authorities that God puts over us (Ro 13:1-7).  In the case of this student I’m guessing there are other ways they could have fulfilled the great commission to share the gospel without breaking the school’s rules and defacing the bathroom wall.  There may be times where you don’t have an option like the apostles in Acts 4:19-20.  The bottom line is this.  We are to obey God, and we are to obey authority that is over us here on Earth.  We should do all that we can to accomplish both.  However, if we have to choose we should choose to follow God no matter what the consequence.

Why I Go to Church?

What if I go to church because I know I’m supposed to, but I’m bored and don’t like it while I’m there.  That’s the question that was raised in tonight’s discussion.  A follow up question was emailed to me and I’d like address both at once.  What if I like going to church, but I only like it cause it’s something to do that gets me out of the house?  I think both of these questions can be addressed with a look back at our relationship with Christ.  Going to church, spending time with other believers (Ac 2:42; Heb 10:25) and worshipping God (1 Cor 12) are all things that we are supposed to do.  The question here is our motivation.  We should take an honest look at our relationship with Christ.  The desire to be with Him and with His people should stem from an honest and sincere relationship with Him.  We can’t look to the church to entertain us or be really exciting or play the right music or preach the right sermons in order to make us “feel” like being there.  Our attitude toward church starts when we are all alone and it’s just us and God.  If we don’t have a living growing relationship with God then we are not going to enjoy meeting with His people and spending time worshipping Him or studying His Word.  The depth of our church experience begins in our own personal relationship with God.


Finally as we were about to close someone asked about Mormon beliefs.  I said I would put some resources here for them to look at.  Here are a couple of articles that deal with this topic:

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